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Touching Lives, Drawing Smiles @ Swami Home (Sembawang) with ST Marines 11 Aug 2012

Everyone likes to be a hero someday but who are the real heroes in our midst? They are the elderly folks at Swami Home - The unsung heroes. Every lines and wrinkles on their faces…

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Institute of Technical Education (ITE) College East-1 Jan 2016

On my journey to the Institute of Technical Education(ITE) College East, I cannot help but to look at the beautiful scenery along the journey and wonder how will the drawing lesson turn out later on,…

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Charity Event with City Development- 14 June 2015

"It is giving that makes you a happier person than receiving it" This is so true when Adam Chua volunteered his time for a good cause with City Developments to raise funds for welfare homes…

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Caricatures on other Mediums 20 April 2015

We have not been writing much as we have been very busy with our orders and fulfilling our deadlines for our clients. The demand for caricatures to be printed on other medium has materialized. Look…

read more artwork in Mediacorp again! 20 November 2014

On 17 November, our artist Adam reported to Mediacorp Producer at Hong Kah Secondary School and met the friendly and charismatic actor, Henry Heng who acted as the school principal. Adam was asked to draw…

read more in the NEWS 25 September 2014!!!

With stark contrast against his streamline and immaculately renovated home office, you can see bubble headed cartoon portraits of individuals pasted on his wall. A military man stand ramrod straight smiling widely in one of…

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