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Caricature Workshop at NUS Baba House 120714 & 190714

Despite the increasing demand for cartoon workshop in Singapore, There are equally a growing demand for caricature workshop.

It was an exciting workshop not just for the students to learn an humorous art form but also a happy moment for our master caricaturist, Adam Chua who is also an experienced STB licensed tour guide.
NUS baba house carries rich history that Adam could feel during his learning period as a guide trainee. With the knowledge of the NUS baba house , he injected it into the syllabus to make the participants feel the atmosphere of peranakan culture and at the same time, hone their skill to achieve the ability to draw each other.

Adam even distributed name cards to the participants to encourage them to go along with him to practice or experience real life caricature assignments. certainly welcome workshops at any conducive environment.

Take a look at some of our memorable moments at NUS Baba House:

participants enjoying the engaging humor and confidently drawing each other..


Participants doodling away with no eraser on sight and a group photo.

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