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Coffee Caricatures with Nestle- 4 September 2013

Kopi-Kopi – Creative way to draw attention!

Coffee- That’s what most people would drink every day in the morning. But few would ever thought of coffee art, drawing of caricatures using coffee.

It is one of our latest organic concepts and experimenting of using coffee to draw caricatures and it is both unique and exciting! You do not need a barista to prepare the coffee, just brew it on your own to get the desired color and there you go.

Crowds of inquisitive people were gathering around to catch the commotion of us drawing. Little do we knew that long queues start to form, and everyone wanted to get a piece of them drawn using coffee. Joy and smiling faces were seen and people were all excited anticipating the image drawn by our caricaturist.

Friends were teasing each other on the caricatures we drawn, some wanted superman poses, others wanted a minion besides their drawing, whatever it is, we draw them. You can literally hear the excitement and laughter echoing throughout the room when they see the drawings.

Most importantly, at the end of the day, we all had fun and the guests love the aromatic smell of their caricatures. Another great innovation to drawing that is environmentally organic..


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