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Fun-filled National Day 2012 @ Chijmes – 090812

Fun-filled National Day 2012 @ Chijmes – 090812

Exhilarating. Thrilled. Children can’t get enough of drawing and learning from our humorous caricatures teachers while adults were chuckling at their own caricatures!


Inquisitive guests started to gather around our team of caricaturists, wondering what they would look like if they were being drawn by the caricaturists. It turned out to be some have been transformed into macho men and the women  have been changed to gorgeous ladies.

Our witty artist, Adam began to entertain the guests by teasing them with jokes to break the ice. Soon after the guests started to unleash their creativity by asking Adam to draw them as superheroes!

Osman, our very experienced had a fun time drawing couples with his blazing speed!!!

Azhar, our talented artist taught the children the basics of caricatures drawing. We could see some children have the potential to become the next Piccaso or Leonardo Da Vinci. They were truly promising! The children were laughing and enjoying drawing each other faces and some of them even tease each other.

At the end of the day, it is heartening to see different families showing each other their caricatures drawings, new friendships were forged. Children from different background were playing with one another. Indeed, it was fitting for a day like this – National Day. It is a time of loving Singapore our home.
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