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Video Productions

Tan Tock Seng Award Presentation

Energy Market Authourity

Wedding Banquet Show Reel (X Men Theme)

Wedding Video Collections in the 90s

STOMP Award Winning Star Wars

Scary Haunted Mirror

Teleport Travel

Family Video at Redang with Fake Shark Attack

Understanding 3D Animation

Chppendale Dancers for Company Dinner

Salon Reception Display 1/6

Primary School Kids Dances for Teachers

Tan Tock Seng Feedback Programme

Pre Wedding Banquet Show Reel

Mind Magician Demo Reel

Wedding Music Video

A Short Horror Movie

Running Through Door with Mutant Power

Singing $10 Bill

3D Animation “Chicken and Egg Story”

Growing Up Video

Employee Dancers for Company Dinner

Teachers Dances for Primary School Kids

Corporate Christmas Wishes with Visual Effects

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