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We want to share our skills and talents
with you. Caricaturing, cartooning and video
making are learnable skills which bring you
unmatched joy for a lifetime.

What Others Say and Spoken
Statement about Caricaturist SG.

These pages are full of fun ideas
and work that we enjoy a lot!


Watch a few videos of CARICATURIST appearing over 30 screenings on National Tvs, giving back to society for charitable events and some new caricature services to thrill your guests!
Be warned, its infectious to watch it more than once!


Mediacorp “Friends” Season 1- Portrait Caricatures (July 2014)

STOMP- MEN 2007 Master Caricaturist (Feb 2007)

Mediacorp “Good Morning News”- Association of Comic Artists Singapore Interview (Mandarin February 2012)

3 Minutes LOL™ Caricature”

Popular News!!!!

Church of Christ Fund Raising (March 2014)

Voluntary Services for Children at Eng Wah Movie Events (June 2008)

Charity Event at Batam (Feb 2012)

Latest Update!!!

LOL Caricatures by Adam Chua

Super Speed Caricature with Cartoon Body in ONE minute! (August 2014)

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