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Touching Lives, Drawing Smiles @ Swami Home (Sembawang) with ST Marines 11 Aug 2012

Everyone likes to be a hero someday but who are the real heroes in our midst?

They are the elderly folks at Swami Home – The unsung heroes.

Every lines and wrinkles on their faces tell off their immense stories of their hard work during their early days of their lives.

As part of the annual corporate social responsibility program by ST Marine, we are extremely honored and privileged to be part of the giving project. As we began to interact with some of them, we realized their stories are inspiring, one of which was one elderly has devoted his lifetime into shooting photography, his passion could be clearly seen in his eyes as I drew him meticulously. The elderly were chuckling in amusement when they saw me drawing them in Kung Fu costume or even a pose like James Bond! The laughter soon drew both the staff from Swami and ST Marine; we had a great time laughing together with the elderly. And they seem to enjoy every second of it.

At the end of the event, some staff from the Home quickly hinted me to draw them. Well, I drew them in deep appreciation as seeing them selflessly serving and loving the elderly is not easy and yet they want to make the elderly as happy as possible.

It is definitely important to honor our elderly as they are the forefathers of our nation; they built this country so that we can have a better place to live. And it is never too late to show our appreciation and gratitude towards them. It was a heartwarming experience and I will never forget this place.

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