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Dennis Loo


Adam Chua


We are your friendly neighbourhood caricature artists. At Caricaturist we bring unmatched fun into your events or design projects by:

  • Rendering live caricatures as icebreakers to thrill,
    amuse and charm your guests
  • Customising any cartoon character into a lifelong asset

Give us a shout, if you are planning an important celebration or thinking of a rare gift for your loved ones. We would love to be your entertainment team. We will enthral your guests with our speed caricatures replete with healthy humour and unbelievable likeness to the person who is our target! Your loved ones will be simply floored with this portrait gift that will be, to them, a lifelong memento.

We are known not just for our “eye catching” art, but also for our passion to entertain! Attend any of our parties and you will hear the crowds cheer and applaud our “first in the world” MAGIC ART & FLIP ART shows!

What’s more, our entertainment ensemble is always at your service. Our talented team includes quick-witted emcees, creative balloonists, mesmerising magicians, artistic party tattooists, versatile make-up artists, and many more. In short, we are your one-stop party planners and entertainers!

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