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We want to share our skills and talents
with you. Caricaturing, cartooning and video
making are learnable skills which bring you
unmatched joy for a lifetime.

What Others Say and Spoken
Statement about Caricaturist SG.

These pages are full of fun ideas
and work that we enjoy a lot!

“Your money back if I don’t make you smile!”-Adam Chua

Caricatures and cartoons are one of the greatest forms of human expression. They liven up and add a sparkle to our dull, humdrum lives. It is said, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” We would say,” A caricature is worth a thousand pictures!” Such is the power of caricatures and cartoons.
At Caricaturist we harness this immense power for you by doing the following:

  • We sketch live caricatures at your events to make them memorable
  • We draw famous and personalised cartoon characters on gifts articles
  • We liven up spaces in your homes and offices with our customised cartoons
  • We create story-boards for animation videos
  • We help art directors with cartoons characters for logos and ad campaigns
  • We provide illustrations to companies for their books or brochures
    We train aspiring caricaturists and cartoonists

Caricaturist is a brainchild of Adam Chua- a multifaceted creative artist from Singapore. Adam is a successful entrepreneur who started sketching no sooner than he learnt to hold a pencil. On the one hand he is immensely popular amongst hundreds of families in Singapore. On the other hand, Adam helps Singapore’s leading event managers, advertising agencies and corporates in brand building with his unique craft.


When should you engage Caricaturist?

  • When you want to break visual monotony
  • When you want to infuse humour in your social events
  • When you want to add value to your publications

Chuckle. Smile. Laugh. Giggle. Cackle. Choose your own style! One thing is sure – spend a few minutes with Adam and your facial expression is guaranteed to change for the happier!

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